Key Functionality

High-performance semi-film forming polyurethane binder to replace EVA for manufacturing Polyester film ink and is suitable for manufacturing high quality gravure inks.

Unique Properties

  • Suitable for formulation of Toluene Free inks.
  • Suitable for Vinyl/PU ink formulations for Gravure application.
  • Desired Viscosity.
  • Excellent Bonding & Gloss with Better Print Quality.
  • No settling & separation observed.
  • Suitable for Food Packaging with suitable Barrier.
  • Good solubility with Esters, ketonic solvents and aromatic hydrocarbons.
  • Limited solubility to alcohols.
  • Good performance at press speeds ranging from 100 – 450 m/m.

Major Applications

  • Applicable on corona treated polyester / Chemically Coated polyester >44-56 dynes/cm2.


  • Used for Formulation of Toluene Base Inks
  • Major Availability issues
  • Low Gloss with Good Bond Strength
  • Good Print Quality
  • Low Viscosity


  • Used for Formulation of Toluene Free Inks
  • Easily Available /accessible
  • High Gloss with Excellent Bond strength
  • Deliver Excellent Print Results with No settling & separation
  • Desired Viscosity with our specially Designed Formulation

The innovation of our new developed Vinyl PU Binder enables a broad range of application because of its highly desired viscosity which was a challenge back then.
Finally, this new PU technology will be available in mono-solvent form based on ethyl acetate only, which is beneficial for our customers to formulate Toluene & Ketone Free system making it Environmentally friendly.
The new PU Binder have already been tested on a variety of substrates under industrial trial conditions and exhibited great results with an outstanding printability showing excellent bond strength.
Replacing EVA with new Polyurethane Binder, we will open up new opportunities and bring gravure printing to the next level that too in similar cost to EVA.