Key Functionality

Achieve improved adhesion on low treatment plastic substrates and for mitigating Oxygen inhibition.

Unique Properties

  • Exceptional adhesion to plastic surface
  • Improved reactivity & surface cure response in UV/LED formulations
  • Good flexibility & toughness
  • Improved moisture resistance
  • No surface migration of amines
  • Reduced volatility (Odor)
  • Low Viscosity


It (typically 5-10 w% on formulation) is recommended, in addition with suitable amine synergist, for increasing adhesion and mitigating oxygen inhibition in –

  • UV and LED Coating formulations for plastic substrates
  • Overprint varnishes
  • Screen inks
  • Industrial coatings & adhesives

Modified Inert Aromatic Urethane can be added in ultraviolet light (UV) curable coatings and inks formulation. When combined with an appropriate photoinitiator system, it provides exceptional adhesion, rapid UV cure response in air by mitigating the effects of oxygen inhibition at the coating or ink surface.
Coatings and inks based on Modified Inert aromatic urethane exhibit improved adhesion on low treatment plastic substrates like Polyester, OPP etc with low odor after UV LED curing.