At Cheons Chemicals, we produce and offer variety of Specialty coatings, primers for various packaging applications. The application ranges from paper, cardboard, polymeric films to many more, improving the visual appearance and protecting surface of printed material. Our range of products includes:

Water Based Coating

At Cheons Chemicals, we offers various types of water based coatings such as OPV/OPM, water resistance coating, barrier coating, induction sealing and many more .

Solvent Based Coating

Solvent-based coatings are made of liquefying agents that are meant to evaporate via a chemical reaction with oxygen that helps to speed up the reaction, reducing drying times.

Radiation (UV/UV-LED) cure Coating

UV/UV-LED coating is a clear compound that is applied to paper wet, then instantly dried by ultraviolet light/UV-LED lamp.



Solvent base primers improve adhesion of inks to printed labels and flexible packaging substrates.

Polyurethane Dispersion

PUD’S versatility and wide range of superior properties are the driving forces to their continuously expanding usage in many applications like inks, coatings, adhesives, paper & textiles.

Polyurethane Binder

PU binders are suitable for the formulation of high-quality printing inks and generate significant value for printing ink and packaging film producers.


VAE Emulsions

VAE emulsions are used for multipurpose applications like paper, packaging, stationary, wood, envelope windows etc.


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